mandag, september 08, 2008

The Wire – Season 5 (TV series)

The final season of The Wire tries to get back into ”The Wire” business. Where season 4 gave moved the series a step further and gave us a bad taste by missing out on having an ending at all, season 5 goes back to its root and does about everything right again.

Problem is of course that after the Grand Bang from the first three season which I already before qualifies The Godfather status the key players and the gang has to be partially swapped and introduced from the beginning. In adition to this we have the continuation of the political play and the introduction of the press.

The Political part is good and we see a man that originally wanted to be good fall into the roots of the system and becoming one of them and we as viewers questions us if he always just wanted power or if he just caught up by the hard truth?
In a way this is even more troublesome than all the honest and hard truth told in this series as it is about the very system, about democracy and where it is meant to impose the very possibility to change and get a better society – and it just does not work.

The sub story about the free press is as all the other thing in The Wire done with great care and it feels just as realistic as any. The fact that great journalism has to dodge for the short way to the great story is something that faces each media of the Press every day.

And to keep it all interesting we have the streets, the dope and all that makes The Wire one of the best series ever.
A worthy goodbye to the series and that’s always something to make a viewer happy.

Thank you.

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