mandag, september 08, 2008

Blade Runner – Final Cut (movie)

There are so many versions of this movie that a lot of people are debating whether or not there is a need for just another cut. To be true there is not a lot of extra content or changes that justifies this. This is more a matter of cosmetics, and the reasons of the different versions each has its history. I think that alone speaks more about The Movie Industry than anything else, also maybe because the movie is such a classic that it can get away with remakes and fiddling to get to the perfect result, which should have been the initial theatric release.

To be honest though I have watched this movie many times and also read the book, but there has always been elements that I have not understood. Seeing the Final Cut most of these things have finally become clear to me! And I am very happy about that.
I also think that the paste of this cut is more right, sometimes slower, sometimes more nervous and it all feels more right.

There is a fundemental SCI-FI question that returns in Phillip K. Dicks writing and that is the one about the difference between man and machine. This issue is also returning in several other movies and novels and seem to be a troublesome one for humans. I think it is more for men than women as men always had a tendencies to “give” their machines a human touch, typically female ones.

So is Harrison Ford a replicant? I do not think he is, but I agree that the question is an open one and the whole drama of not knowing gives the movie just that extra touch.

The same is evident in Battlestar Galactica where this is taken even further.

I like this version and I think this is the one you should see.

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