onsdag, desember 14, 2005

Abre los ojos – Open your eyes (film)

I have a problem understanding what this movie tries to tell. It starts up creepy (in fact it keeps the thrill most of the time except the middle part) and you know something is wrong already in early beginning. We meet this playboy that never sleeps with a girl twice. That gets any girl fro his looks and money. He wakes up from his first mistake – second time with a girl. And then of course it’s all bound to go all crazy. In his escape from this girls he steals his best friend girl without to much interference. Yes it’s Penélope Cruz – and yes he falls in love with her – probably the first time he ever did. And she (of course) likes him as well. Then it all goes more wrong. The playboy ends up in an accident. And he is suddenly Mr. ugly guy - and nobody wants him, except his best friend. Mr. Ugly is madly in love and tries to get Penélope without (??) much success.

The movie has a thrilling cut and it is sometimes a love story, sometimes science fiction, sometimes a thriller, sometimes a criminal story and most of the time you don’t really know what is going on. Hence Abre los ojos – open your mind. Now don’t get me wrong – the movie is quite good. I just don’t get it – what it tries to say? Is it a moral story that money and looks can get you anything but love? Or can money get you anything?

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