mandag, desember 19, 2005

Trend PC Cillin 2006 (PC Software)

In search of total protection of a Windows PC today there is 2 way to go. Either install the best single components. (etc – Solo Antivirus for its excellent low use of recourses, good price and good detection routine – Sygate firewall (discontinued as Symantec has bought them up ) – Spyware – who knows….) or you can go for the full solution – and again I would go for Trend PC Cillin 2006 smiply because

1. Has a small footprint – uses less resources
2. Has an extremely easy interface – even granddaddy can operate this
3. Discovers the most viruses and spyware of them all!
4. The price is right

The only thing that I can put on it is that the firewall don’t give you enough configuration for pro users, but then again – if you’re a pro you’ll use a separated firewall anyway.

Don’t underestimate the security on your computer – get it now!

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