mandag, desember 19, 2005

Heat (film)

As many movies: things are business as usual until the start of the movie, when they hire a new guy in the team and he of course doesn’t fit in and things start to go wrong.

When I saw Heat for the first time I didn’t like it too much. It was ok, but too long. Seeing it again I see that a lot has happened in 10 years and nowadays you seldom see movies with this kind of acting anymore. Heat is a big movie – and Michael Mann uses every trick from his series to unwind a complex set of people, the people behind the people and theirs sad problems in life. But he never cares to finish up more than the main story – leaving a bad taste in the mouth. We have to invent the rest ourselves.

Michael Mann plays constantly on our feelings, there is no dialogue or scene without atmospheric music telling us what we are going to feel. And of course it works out well. Unfortunately Michael Mann’s direction fails short to make this movie a masterpiece .

Indeed even if this movie is longish and the original theatre release should have been cut down shorter: If there is extra material available they should make an extended cut as well. Just to fill in even more.
Robert de Niro being the bad guy and Al Pacino being the god guy or maybe vice versa – or probably they are both just smart guys doing what they like the best?? but rpobably just what they know the best.

The highlight of the movie is in fact when they meet the first time in the coffee bar.
Heat, even if it is a no-brainer is definitely worth a watch and a good break from special effects movies from today.

In the end of the movie the reason everything went wrong is moved - but buisness will never be usual anymore.

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