tirsdag, desember 06, 2005

Fahrenheit aka Indigo Prophecy (game)

It was back in the C64 days – that I made acquaintance with the strange but great classic Zak Mc Kraken – It was the start of a long and good relationship to adventure gaming. Later year’s people have complained about the lack of adventure games. But I don’t really find such a lack since adventure you find great games with adventure elements shipping all the time (ex KOTOR and Beyond Good & Evil) – what I do miss is the crazy humor from Lucasarts! Fahrenheit puts you into an interactive movie – with immense atmosphere and great scripted action. The unique blend of music, camera angels and noir all fits so well your hooked from the beginning. Anyone remember Lucasarts flawed iMuse system? When it comes to action sequences it makes right what several games (read: pirates! 2005 remake and Larry Magna Cum Laude) it all seems so easy and still so effective you wonder how the other games made it wrong. The gfx is not hl2 but still impressive – and we are sometimes presented with a few ”Tempting???” nudity scenes – making the day for 13 year old nerds.

You play both the murder and the police. You are both the hunter and the hunted. The story unfolds a dark mystery of paranormal character. I’m not gonna say more now. This is in fact a game you should play whether you like adventures or not as its more like an interactive movie and I bet you – this is something you have been waiting for.

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