tirsdag, desember 06, 2005

Quake 4 (PC game)

Quake 4 tries to pick up from Quake 2 – built up on an enhanced Doom 3 engine (I can play Doom 3 on UH but not Quake 4) the eve dropping should be ok. However as we all know hl2 and now even with HDRL is much more beautiful. The game tries to recreate some of the game play from Quake 2. In those days I did spend quite a time with Quake 2 and I can say so. Even if the gfx seems like it – it doesn’t feel like it. Sorry Raven and ID there has been things happening in between – even your very own RTCW and Quake 4 is like entering a world that has been standing still – it feels more like Doom 3 without the scare. Still it’s ID – and ID is God – it deserves a play.

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