onsdag, desember 14, 2005

Almost like magic

Last year I took four weeks of in Gran Canaria and during that time I wrote a book: Almost like magic (in Norwegian of course). It still have left to do second correction of it but still a few selected friends have been allowed to read the draft – for input. What will become of it later and if I will put it out on my homepage – I do not know yet. At the moment I plan it to be the first in a trilogy – but I don’t know when the next time will be when I have time to sit down for 4 weeks. So it can be a long time.

The book interconnects several individual stories all of different generes and places. And I constantly try to push myself and the reader to the edge. You will meet persons you will like as well as persons you will totally dislike. It will make you think and wonder. Keep and eye out for it. For the old stuff I wrote there is still 2-3 finished stories that needs re-typing. But really – I never know when I will be bothered. The nest of these stories really deserves it though as its about a engaged couple finds out through strange discoveries that maybe they don’t really belong together anyway.

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