onsdag, mars 26, 2008

The assassination of Jesse James (movie)

As I said some time back about Babel, the movie is gorgeous, the pictures, the acting, the sound, yes basically everything is excellent. And in a way I am tired to say the bad thing as people would say? What do you think its a bad movie? What is wrong with you?

No what I am saying is that its an excellent movie but it has a one essential flaw and that is it leads nowhere. This is almost the same for Jesse James. It is slow paced, and since we know what is coming we will be constantly tortured waiting for the inevitable to occur. And it is even so sad and ridiculous that it a real low.

A movie building up to a low?

But hey, there is more. In the bitter end we are somewhat explained the reason for all of this. The torture. The wait. We kind of suddenly get a warm feeling of having shared the tragic fate.

And to achieve such an feeling through a movie is nothing but the touch of a genious.

And therefore I kind of forgive the length of this movie.

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