tirsdag, mars 18, 2008

Varg Veum - Tornerose (norwegian movie)

As a part of the mass production of Varg Veum movies this one is released straight to DVD.

In many ways a wrong choice I would say as it is better than the first movie that got Cinema time. Yes it is true that the first one has a better and more artistic picture overall, but it still dosen´t count up for the whole movie.

Tornerose has a much more difficult plot with a a real family and friendship disaster nested together with drugs and other crimes. Everywhere Varg goes he uncovers just more pain and rot. And it is in fact quite entertaining.

Even if the make up and screen is not as polished as in the first it actually looks more real and down to earth this time.

For the negative it can sometimes be hard to understand what kind of person Varg really is and we do want to know more of what drives him. Sometimes the dialogue can also be so strange to understand what and where the director wants to tell us.

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