tirsdag, mars 18, 2008

Sony Ericsson P1i

As I have ranted about so many times earlier - I was really really unhappy with my Nokia N95 - its some of the worst phone I ever had - despite all its raving reviews. Then I kept and used my old 6880 as GPS.

The bloatware that you find in N95 reminds me about the the way Windows CE went. I think one of the main problems is that they start product cycles (software) that updates to a new version too fast and you never get a stable mobile OS that get to attract a high level of 3rd part software.

For the average user this will not be a problem since the problem first arises when you are a power user.

So what I did was crapping the N95 and go for the older SE p1i. And to say what it is at this time more or less the perfect mobile companion. It has a large (but not as large as I wished) software support. It has all the things you need except GPS. The interface and the way it is used is far superior to the S60 series 3 interface.

I do however fear that this phone will be the last of the p series as SE has announced their first Windows based mobile.

We live to see...

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