mandag, mars 31, 2008

Hitman (movie)

This movie is based on the Hitman games. Games that I don’t like at all because it is not my style. Not so with the movie(s?).
Grafically it is an excellent conversion, it looks just like the game and at the same time it looks (movie) real.

Someone has called this a poor mans “Leon” (The Professional) and that is quite a glory I would say as that movie is a classic.

Hitman is not a classic but it does deliver the goods which is entertainment. The story reminds me more of the first Bourne movie but honest it’s a story that has bee recycled so many time it hurts, unless you are totally aware of this at the times of the making and compensate in other ways.

Summary? Quite some good and cool fun but almost no humor (cold).

I would have preferred them to choose a different and more challenging story for the movie. But that’s just me.

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