tirsdag, mars 18, 2008

No good country for old men (movie)

Like many others I had high expectations for this one - and you all know why.

And I was not disappointed. The beginning is as fresh as you seldom see of a movie and it kind of never stops. The movie does not follow conventional genre and story building and therefore is in constant danger of falling a part. That is if it was done by someone non professional.

So I can just take my hat of and bow.

Then there this issue about the end. I don´t know what to say about it. Some like it and some don´t. The truth is that the movie changes totally paste from being something like and action/thriller to a drama - for me that is a killer since I normally avoid drama movies and I understand that many others will feel the same.

Because this is a Oscar winner I have taken some time to go deeper into it and to give this movie a chance. I do understand the reason of changing the paste and I do understand the message which is : "No country for old men" This in fact bothers me since we already know this from the title and the first spoken lines in the opening - and there is nothing more to it than watering this out in the end.

I feel that the end of the movie just should have been shorter to be effective - like it is now it is too slow and the last scenes is just gibberish talking to "symbolize the theme". If the makers feel that these scenes are important to fulfill the movie they should have been nested earlier in the script so that the end could get the impact it deserves.

Its also because of this that I think this movie is a failure as a complete experience - despite of this you should still watch it for its strong points.

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