onsdag, mars 26, 2008

I am legend (movie)

Honestly I am not a big fan of Will Smith. As far as I am concerned his carrier height was Fresh Prince in Bel Air. Ok there might be a few heights afterwards as well but no matter what: He is not a good actor - and probably never will be.

But since he gets to play in some big movies we still watch him occasionally and what we get can be pretty decent. So what about I am Legend?

The movie screams: I am a Resident Evil clone. This in itself might be very bad but on other hands, if done well it can be quite entertaining. A world with (almost) no survivors and everybody else is not dead but infected with a virus. Will Smith tries to find the cure and save the world (once again).

I didn´t expect to much about this movie but it has it few nice moments. When the beasts (infected humans) adapt from Will and put up a trap much like his own. When he talks about Bob Marley and when its about the butterfly. All small touches of ingredients that spices up a movie.

But the most curious fact is as I said earlier: Wills acting sucks making his style becoming a bit retarded and cold which fits perfect into the main role. Why? Because he is all alone in the world and lives a controlled life to keep alive. I think I have been talking (writing) about something similar in a other movie: the fact that an actors lack of skills becomes his skill.

To sum because of its better parts this movie puts itself in the big pot of movies that are above to watch.

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