mandag, mars 17, 2008

Rambo 4 (movie)

When the reviews about this movie started arriving it was strange to see. Some reviewers even went so far to give it the lowest score available naming this move a cynical use of unnecessary violence

Hmm there is a other movie I saw the other day called Sweeny Todd which splats blood desperately just for the fun of it and this movie even got an Oscar for best art movie.

If you want to give Rambo 4 a proper review there can be smart to know some of the story first. When Rambo - First Blood first arrived it became an instant hit. And to understand why, you will have to see the movie for yourself. It is not just bunches of action and nonsense but quite a difficult story plots that unfolds.

Rambo became equivalent with one though gut standing alone against all (odds..) and this success lead into to more Rambo movies that even thought they are fair as entertainment - they fail to deliver any of the dept that the first movie did - turning the Rambo franchise into a ridiculous direction only fulfilled by Rambo defeating a whole army by himself in the end of Rambo III.

No wonder Sylvester Stallone said that he never wanted to do Rambo anymore. And even denouncing himself in Tango and Cash!

So.. would Sylvester make a new Rambo movie after all this years just to have some kind of cash cow? Now I haven’t seen the last Rocky movie so I can not say anything about that - but for sure the quality of the Rocky movies has been easier to maintain because it follows the stereotype Stallone story that is perfected in Over the top.

And so I was eager to see this movie, not expecting much more than.... a cash cow..

And I was totally wrong. Rambo 4 is without a doubt the best Rambo movie yet and all on the top of Stallone´s carrier.

Instead of continuing where Rambo III left us, Stallone has somewhat gone back to the original Rambo and then taken in consideration all the years in between and made a real hit of an action movie. It hits hard, it drives you and entertain you. And also it shows us that war is brutal, gruesome and unforgiving - just in the way it should be shown.

I am looking forward to see this one again!

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